Volunteer Opportunities.

There are many volunteer opportunities that are available through our program.

Thank you for choosing to volunteer with BCHS. Your commitment is sincerely appreciated.

Licensing law requires that all regular volunteers receive criminal background checks. These checks are conducted by the State of Texas by completing a BCHS Criminal Background Form.  See you campus Principal for more information.

Specific Opportunities

Classroom Volunteer
Assistant will supporting the classroom staff

Bus Monitor
Assisting the bus driver in delivery of children to and from school. Monitors makes sure each child remains fastened car seat, assists each child on and off the bus, visits with the children, sings songs and assists with making the ride to and from school enjoyable.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Committee Member

  • Interpreting

  • Career Presentations

  • Handy Person

  • Arts and Crafts Presentation

  • Educational Presentation